The StairSafe system provides a unique barrier system for use on open stairwells and voids. Featuring a range of telescopic rails and a variety of newel adaptations, the StairSafe system is easy and quick to install and can be configured to fit most staircase designs

Clamp posts are available to enable the system to be used with preformed concrete staircases, slabs or steel beams. The clamp is fixed internally so that no leaning out over voids is necessary.

  • A cost and time effective way to solve leading edge issues on concrete slabs and stairs

  • Appropriate for straight flights and winder staircases alike

  • Available with fully telescopic boards

  • Telescopic rails of differing lengths and any angle swivel pillars provide a versatile and adaptable system

  • With no specialist training required, it provides a quicker and more cost effective solution then traditional scaffolding


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