Working Platforms

Using the Austin Reynolds System we are able to provide fall prevention Working Decking Platforms (also referred to as “crash decks”) that provide a versatile, practical and reliable solution that couples the functions of fall arrest and a working platform.

The Working Platforms system’s design allows full freedom of movement upon the working area and facilitates quick, easy erection and dismantling factors which are critical to today’s quality, safety and time conscious construction industry, whilst the fact that it is purpose made allows the inclusion of practical user features including high visibility stanchions, couplings, platforms and cross pins to provide a total locking system.

  • Full supply and installation service available across the whole of the UK

  • Hire only options also available

  • Suitable for all roof truss work

  • Achieves the new proposed height safety hierarchy requirements

  • Prevents falls when working at plate level and on roof truss installation

  • Maintenance free with no mechanical parts

  • Ideal for concrete block and beam, timber joist and roof truss installation

  • Highly durable, all weather, year round usage

  • Full freedom of movement upon the working platform

  • Competitive pricing from as little as £4.50 / m²